What We Do?

We offer a comprehensive range of provision and bonded products, we ensure that we consistently deliver customers desired services which meet the global quality standards, best practices and expectations of our customers. Apart from having watertight control over quality, the freshness of our provision products ensures our customer’s delight. Eatables like vegetables, eggs, fruits, chicken, mutton and other products are checked for quality and hygiene before they are delivered. A wide-ranging array of bonded stores is also supplied by us. The mixed bag covers all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, sweets, cigarettes, cigars, perfumes, snacks and much more. Our extensive product list covers almost all that is available in its segment making us a one-stop store.


Ship Faring & Chandelling

We have a proven track records suppling to meet our clients standard from soft demands to equipments onboard

Petroleum Products & Lube

With the infiltration of sub-standard products in the marketplace we have continously kept our promises to clients

House Keeping & Cleaning

Ranging from domestic to industrial and enviromental; we keep clean and sanitize from all kinds of pest and refresh

ICT / IT & Telecom

Our Team are grounded to spoil with technology and communication bridging the gap avoidance of neccessary blind spots

Catering & Food Chain

Our specialized efforts has given us the edge and leyway in the marketplace known for prompt and freshness of consumables

Spare Parts & Safety

Getting Original replaceable spare parts and deploying reasonable safety approach for both us, host communities and clients .



Image Service

CHANDELLING Trusted Service Provider

We firmly believe that a friendly, personal and knowledgeable attention to your needs will give you a satisfactory and high level business relationship that will surely make you prefer our services even the more. In addition we offer the best quality products at the most affordable price. Our team has a high level of service delivery and will fill and deliver your order at the shortest time. And we hope that you find our website informative and easy to use and welcome any comments you may have.

OTHERS Outsourcing Services

  • Attendance and supply, of Engineers, divers and other local specialists, for investigation/repair tasks
  • Technical team to deal with minor repairs, whether on board or alongside
  • Minor fabrications, (re)winding of motors etc.
  • Underwater services for repairs, cleaning, photography etc.
  • Maintenance & Repair services for life-rafts, fire-fighting equipment, CO2 systems etc.
  • Diagnostics services and sample-checking for repair/test

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